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27 7月 2018

By supporting art, we have great pleasure to sponsor the latest album by Plotnicky – “4.3”

A good event defends itself – just like good music.

The intriguing title heralds material full of musical surprises. The third album of this experienced composer and vocalist “4.3.” Is a set of 9 compositions in a synth-rock style, which contains wonderful and melodious compositions in interesting and modern arrangements. On the album, we find a lot of spatial sounds like from the film Blade Runner complemented by a riff – spatial guitar Karol Szolz, whose solos beautifully color the whole material. Album 4.3. it is also a sound journey in the 80’s and 90’s in the 21st century with the addition of classic instruments such as violins and wind instruments. The content of the album is based on a constant search for the right life choices, appreciation of what has been achieved, and all this is given in the perfectly melodic form of Adam Płotnicki’s vocal. The whole album ends with a bonus in the form of a concert version of the Fire room song from the previous album Plotnicky “Devotion”,
in which we will hear the power of the songs played by this artist live.


Plotnicky live music is presented in a full rock band or electronic store.
The network also includes video clips from the Devotion session and two music videos promoting the Devotion album
and the third currently being prepared:

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“Ahh … HOLIDAYS!” How many of us would like to finally shout these words after a year of hard work. It is worth remembering not to lose your mind and go to the attention as creatively as possible. You are the owner and owner of the evening tasks – congratulations! You will be able to organize the party – your own holiday 🙂 Give up the screens, leave the jealous neighbors … Remember, holiday for your only batteries in a year!

What can not be done by doing something?
1. perhaps the captain of his own ship. You are not interested in offers of travel agencies – take care of yourself. Check the budget, let’s assume that I can spend and make a few pennies for emergency expenses. It is worth going in a pair or a team – expenses such as gasoline and accommodation can be easily done on a few people.

2. Travel and explore – drive miles, do not stay in one place! What is once a popular form are interesting places in the pictures. The prices are quite low or lower. So we come to our taste, we spend there max 3 days, we rent a car and we are going to visit other cities! What will make us mad? Only the imagination and the budget we want to spend on fuel 🙂

3. Take care of the fun. Take care of yourself and the team. Before leaving, what I am waiting for you. Local pleasures such as diving or caves or extreme water scooters are a must-have to unblock the caller in a warm area. Often, booking is free of costs. Those Euro couple who can come from an unforgettable dinner in an exotic place.

Up to only 3 zlotys of advice that will allow you the first clothes. Take this seriously and with mobile research,
and never uses the offers of travel agencies 🙂

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22 6月 2018


We decided to extend the operation of our Creative Department and, consequently, to hire a new person. The recruitment process lasted several weeks and the fight was fierce until the very end. The place for the stool of the new Creative Coordinator was collected by Maciej Wrzaszcz – a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, an experienced graphic designer and photographer. He proved to us that he is a great weather presenter because brainstorming is something that feels like a fish in the water. No limits of imagination, boldness in throwing ideas and unlimited creativity are aspects that we hope, a new “inventor” will develop in our team. MACIEK – Welcome on board!

Molecular gastronomy

30 5月 2018

To best describe what molecular cuisine is, it’s best to put it in three positions:

-> natural ingredients
-> phenomena and chemical / physical experiments
-> unique forms.

By using liquid nitrogen, using a temperature of -196 C, it is possible for chefs to create small culinary masterpieces. Molecular cuisine is based on freezing products, without losing either taste or nutrients, as well as aroma.

Thanks to the minimal use of fat, this kitchen is light, which is undoubtedly a big advantage, and some dishes can be prepared even a few days, which can be considered a disadvantage of molecular cooking.

This type of kitchen is unique because it is practically impossible to prepare food in accordance with its rules. The chefs creating these “culinary works of art” have extensive professional experience and knowledge.

Therefore, we encourage you to become more and more popular molecular cuisine shows, during events, to be able to try the unique flavors and aromas of this type of dishes.



30 4月 2018

The culinary zone is indispensably connected with the event industry, because as you know, a significant part of its events is associated with culinary setting. The current trend in the kitchen election, following the popularity of becoming a FIT and raising awareness of a healthy lifestyle, is healthy, organic food. Its tendency is constantly growing, and among us there is a desire to have knowledge of where our food comes from and the certainty that the food we consume is fresh, full of flavor and rich in microelements. Vegetable cuisine is becoming more and more popular, and ingredients such as vegetables, fruits and herbs are often hosted on guest plates, especially when those from local crops. The way of giving an event menu, must inspire, be interesting and be presented in exquisite form. Because consuming event meals is a real savoring in specialties and a truly culinary experience.

Increasingly, the element of the event is a variety of culinary workshops with a well-known chef or live cooking, during which guests not only enjoy themselves but also enjoy the kitchen experience. The spring-summer season is a great time to spice up the event menu with excellent and fresh products that chefs magically transform into beautiful, aromatic dishes.

Bon appétit!


13 4月 2018

Spring is the time when plans for organization of trips, whether family or business, appear. Willingness to spend a weekend in May, integration trips in June, upcoming holidays … these are just a few reasons to choose the best place of our destination. Therefore, wondering what should be the place of accommodation (hotel, boarding house, camping), in which we plan to stop, we start to pay more attention not only to ensure a comfortable rest and excellent cuisine, but also to create an unforgettable experience and evoke emotions with yourself.

Taking advantage of the opportunity that the real spring-summer season will begin soon, prompting the search for unusual accommodation for our travels, we present two unusual, authentic places that may become the purpose of your trip:

In Poland:

Apartments in the trees – located in the ravines of Nałęczów, sunk in a wonderful forest garden. Pine, thuja, hornbeam and fir are four types of apartments hung at a height of several meters above the ground, a stay in which it will meet children’s dreams of living in a treehouse.

In the world:

EcoCamp Patagonia in Chile – the first campground in the world consisting of geodesic domes (spherical tents), built on the basis of sustainable principles. It will be difficult here for access to the Internet, cell coverage, or TV, which allows you to focus on dealing with your loved ones, as well as with nature, thanks to its unique location.

For more information, please visit:



Spring inspiration for events

23 3月 2018

With the advent of spring, plants around, buds on trees begin to wake up and everywhere we can feel the fresh breeze of greenery around us. This is a great time to breathe new life into our companies and organizations and start searching for the first traces of spring outside the office. Any kind of outdoor events may be helpful in this. Picnics as a promotion of a company or a form of employee integration in the open air can be an example. Certainly they will help to wake up from winter sleep and fill with positive energy thanks to the first rays of the sun.

An important issue when organizing this type of event is choosing the right place, which will be inspired by the spring aura. Adequate climate will give away this green scenery, because spring mobilizes to arrangements that give freshness, joyful mood and colors at the event. Very important is also adequately selected food, which can be served on specially arranged tables, drawing ideas from greenery and the richness of nature. And when we add atmospheric music to it – certainly the whole event will allow you to move to a truly spring dimension in which you can forget about the worries of everyday life.

Below we present several proposals for various types of events (not only outdoor) inspired by the wonderful spring.
And for more inspiration, please visit:


An unforgettable trip of the TARIFA team to Zakopane

16 3月 2018

On February 28 – March 2, the TARIFA team was on a special away trip in Zakopane. Despite the bitter frosts (temperatures reached -22 degrees) the atmosphere was really hot. The attractions in which we had the pleasure to participate were conducive to this.

On the first day, dinner at the top of Gubałówka, a beautiful view of Zakopane, snowball fight, highlander’s illumination, or visiting the castle from the snow, are only part of the entertainment in which we had the opportunity to participate.

And what we had the pleasure to experience on the second day of the trip, made for real giddiness (literally and figuratively), because at the start of the day, we were awaited by an unlikely expedition of snowmobiles on typically mountainous terrain with scenic glades. During the trip, we felt real speed and adrenaline! We continued our winter madness on snow rafting, snow tubing and sledge sleigh ride. Emotions can not be described, so we put some commemorative photos. During the rest of the day, we enjoyed skiing, and despite the fact that in the case of most people – we had the opportunity to be on them for the first time in our life, it went, or rather we slid down perfectly! And for real dizziness drove us to dances with a pair of highland dancers for music played by highlanders and excellent highlander supper.

On the last day the bravest daredevils managed to get Kasprowy Wierch, and the rest visited Krupówki.
Without a doubt, the whole trip will remain in our memory for a long time.

Special thanks to our sponsor – CEO and trip coordinator – Joasia.

Summary of the Event Industry 2017 (Part 2)

5 2月 2018

We unveil the second part of the reportage summarizing the event industry, and in it, among others, information for the industry that passed the year 2017:

“The success of our entire industry is the strong marking of Poland’s position on the event map of Europe. Polish agencies are successful in international tenders for the implementation of foreign events, and even the service of entire markets. “

“It is also worth paying attention to the growing number of industry events – conferences, seminars, trainings, as well as dedicated postgraduate courses, which significantly affects the increase of knowledge and competence on our market.”

“In the past year, we have noticed an increasing need to build a community around the event and communicate.”

And also what is expected in 2018:

“2018 should be a good year for the industry, with more large, high-budget events.”

“The industry is awake and in the coming year will surely surprise everyone with successively exceeded barriers.”

“The year 2018 is the further development of the digitalization of meetings – (use of applications, virtual meetings, webinars, VR), but also the time to search for non-obvious and real places, stories, local communities.”

We invite you to read.


Summary of the Event Industry 2017 (Part 1)

22 1月 2018

The greatest successes and failures in the event industry? Important events, loud media? The most interesting trends and forecasts for 2018? We invite you to the first part of the report summarizing the event industry.



It’s time for a change!

22 6月 2017

It’s time for a change! We decided to show and share some more to let you know that something special is happening in our company. As a result we created a new PRESS ROOM tab that you are visiting right now and decided to modify the website layout.

What’s more, we started our company’s official Facebook profile. We were struggling for a long time whether we should do it or not but since May this year we keep posting, sharing and tagging. The last two years has been marked by ongoing changes, from small ones like changing the colors on our office walls to big ones, such as the adoption of ISO standard or creating the new department.

As managers, we cannot imagine life without changes. Therefore, in gratitude and trust that they will bring something valuable, we embrace them as a permanent point in our schedule. Our professional everyday work turns over like a colorful kaleidoscope for all the people who stand by and watch. We have to admit – we like the intensity, we like the “dizziness” and we know how to recharge our batteries after demanding event preparations. This is why we enjoy working for you so much.