About us

TARIFA- Central Europe MICE Expert


Established in 1999 and headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, TARIFA sp. zo.o. is a professional conference organizer(only 12 in Poland) that is registered with the Polish Tourism Organization, andaccredited by Poland Convention Bureau, as well asPolish Chamber of Tourism.

TARIFA  company is the only MICE companyhaving offices in main cities: Warsaw, Krakow and Gdansk.


TARIFA specializes in providing one-stop corporate travel services such as customized conference, promotional event, business tour, incentive tour, sports tournament. Our business scope covers whole Poland.


TARIFA has served more than 600 groups composed of more than 100 people, the biggest one with 5000pax.  We have successfully hosted such renownedcorporations and government agencies as Volkswagen, Volvo, Earnest&Young, P&G, Mercure,Ministry of Sports and Tourism of Poland, and Beijing Tourism Administration etc.


Our advantages: Tailor-made MICE service

  1. Real first-hand Polish MICE service provider, great network with government and enterprises to ensure smooth business exchange activities
  2. Long-term cooperation with major conference venue and hotel-chains, to ensure fast reservation for large scale groups
  3. All projects are tailor-made — professional event planning, perfectly matching location, stunning backstage design, creative team building events, to meet all your expectations
  4. Liability insurance for two million USD
  5. At the request of the costumer, we can measure Return On Investment – ROI
  6. We operate according to ISO 9001.2015 standard
  7. We delegate special coordinator for each event, to ensure smoothest travel experience, no need to wait for hotel check-in, coach or dining


TARIFA helps customers achieve the best publicity, efficient business travel experience, while optimizing your travel costs.

Every success in our company is a result of a fantastic teamwork and individual input of each and every team member. Our team is made of exceptional people, united by passion for creating extraordinary events. Knowing our strengths, we trust and support each other. Everything we do leads to something more than just an event, just because Tarifa – more than event.

Iwona Majszyk
Creative Manager

Our company’s artist and visionary. Combination of aesthetic sensitivity and powerful imagination. Responsible for scenography and unpredictable stage events. Founder of cotton candy event installations and shipyard cranes dance. With scenery, light and sound she extends the event space into new areas of experience.

On the door of the creative office she hung up a note: “Do not stress me – I have a very gentle heart”. We appreciate the stubbornness and nurture her childish naivety. Privately she is the voice of Laboratorium Pieśni.

Alicja Gołąb

The most busy person in the company, both during the parties and privately. The fast pace and a very concrete approach towards life allows her to do what she loves the most – meet new people and travel around the world. She is passionate about exploring volcanic craters which makes us very proud and excited.

The only thing that can keep her in one place for longer than few minutes is either an outstanding psychological literature or a traffic jam on Spacerowa street.

Katarzyna Roszman
project Manager

Elegant and optimistic – she can sell an event like no one else despite any obstacles. She is well aware that her smile makes everybody around enthusiastic. She is a natural born organizer, who helps not only corporations but also her friends and family. Huge fan of oceanic cuisine. Asia expert and owner of our smallest team member Milka – her French bulldog.

Katarzyna Błocińska
Finance Director

The friendly soul of our office who takes care of the most imaginative ideas and makes sure they have a proper paper and financial support. She found her passion in the work behind the scenes of the event; therefore all the events can run smoothly and professionally.

Our special task whizz. When her help is needed she always comes back on the shield, never underneath it. Provided the company with the ISO certificate she even explained what is it about.

Maciej Wójcik

Captain of TARIFA, the man who led our team to the wide waters of the event world. Years of experience allowed him to get to know the industry from different perspective and thus create a clear and consistent plan for company’s development. The goal that motivates him is simple – to create the best event agency in Poland. Thanks to his involvement we truly believe that with each day we are getting closer to fulfill that dream.

Maciej is a person for whom nothing is impossible. Instead of asking “Can this be done?” he asks ”How can it be done?”.