Press office

It’s time for a change!

22 June 2017

It’s time for a change! We decided to show and share some more to let you know that something special is happening in our company. As a result we created a new PRESS ROOM tab that you are visiting right now and decided to modify the website layout.

What’s more, we started our company’s official Facebook profile. We were struggling for a long time whether we should do it or not but since May this year we keep posting, sharing and tagging. The last two years has been marked by ongoing changes, from small ones like changing the colors on our office walls to big ones, such as the adoption of ISO standard or creating the new department.

As managers, we cannot imagine life without changes. Therefore, in gratitude and trust that they will bring something valuable, we embrace them as a permanent point in our schedule. Our professional everyday work turns over like a colorful kaleidoscope for all the people who stand by and watch. We have to admit – we like the intensity, we like the “dizziness” and we know how to recharge our batteries after demanding event preparations. This is why we enjoy working for you so much.