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Let us meet at INcoming Poland Gdansk & Pomeranian Region 2019

Let us meet at INcoming Poland Gdansk & Pomeranian Region 2019

17 września 2019

Would you like to discover what the Pomeranian region has to offer? Are you interested in the possibilities of organizing travel and company events in Poland? We would like to invite you to participate in the workshop meeting that will take place in Gdansk at the International Gdansk Fair Amber Expo. Please visit us on 15.10.2019 at INcoming Poland Gdansk. We invite you to take a part in the event, of course we will be there as well.

Incoming Poland Gdansk & Pomeranian Region is an event organized by the Pomeranian Regional Tourist Organization. The B2B meeting let the Agency – TARIFA CORPORATE EVENTS – to present our endless possibilities when it comes to organization of travel and events in Gdansk and the Pomeranian region. We believe that this meeting give us the opportunity to conduct effective talks and establish new business relationships. We will be present at INcoming Poland Gdansk as an event partner and representative of the MICE industry.

At the meeting – as TARIFA CORPORATE EVENTS – we will present our wide range of activities regarding the organization of incentive trips and other events from the MICE industry. We know very well how many interesting places and attractions the city of Gdansk and the Pomeranian region have to offer to its guests. During the meeting, we want to talk about them and show you closer this hospitable, open and  full of passionate people country – Poland. As a certified Agency, we will prepare for you a unique event that will remain in your memory for a long time.

TARIFA CORPORETE EVENTS is more than just an event.

We invite you to participate in this event. www.incomingpoland.gda.pl

TARIFA CORPORATE EVENTS as an industry partner of the event, cooperating with InComing Poland, cordially invites you to the meeting.